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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Every Bride needs to be rescued!

Consider this scenario.

It's your big day.  You're getting your hair done at the salon, and then you will begin putting on your make up.  The groom, who was tasked to pick up the flowers has delivered them to the reception hall on the other side of town.  Then you discover that, you're MOH's parents, who are not so familiar with the town & so graciously delivered the last minute order of 200 cupcakes delivered them to the ceremony site on the opposite end of the town from the reception hall.

Being the troubleshooter she is, your MOH hops in her car, crosses town, picks up the cupcakes, crosses back through town, delivers them to the reception hall, picks up the flowers and brings them back to the ceremony site, just in time to meet you and the rest of your bridesmaids at the ceremony site.  She did it because she loves you, but wouldn't you have rather had her with you for that hour?

After the ceremony, the goal is simple, take a few quick photos with the parents and let them race off to finish decorations at the hall.  But wouldn't you rather them stick around to make sure you get all the shots you want to remember your big day?

The grooms men hold up the Bridal Party entrance & DINNER because they had to go on a booze run...

Its time for the mother-son dance, the song has started and no one knows where mom is!  Wouldn't it be nice to have someone in charge of keeping track of stuff like this?

Ummm... who was in charge of the marriage license????

It's the end of the night, your wedding party is three sheets to the wind, your feet hurt and everyone is exhausted.  Who is going to load all those heavy presents into the car?

Every Bride needs to be rescued!

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