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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Components to a Wedding: Centerpieces

Centerpieces can be time consuming, but the ultimate product is gorgeous.  Once you have decided on what your centerpieces will look like the rest is a bit easier, but quite possibly labor intensive.  Sometimes it can include cutting 30-50 foot-by-foot pieces of foam board.  Other Times centerpieces can require hot-gluing silk flowers on 100 picture frames. Tying 200 tiny bows from ribbon.  Whatever the case may be, time is of the essence. A simple, yet time consuming task such as centerpieces is something you can give to a wedding day assistant to do.

Once you have purchased all of the components of the centerpieces and have a replica of what is desired, the task can be handed off to someone with a little more time.  This can leave you free to focus on more important things like picking the right first dance song and best cake flavors.

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