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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Components of a Wedding: Your Wedding Gown

Now that you know the proper undergarment attire (see Components of a Wedding: Undergarments for Your Gown) for Your Gown, here are some tips to help you find the perfect Gown for your big day.

Try all different kinds of styles (skirt and bodice)

Just because you have looked at a lot of gowns, does not mean you have any idea what those gowns will look like on you. While yes, the model wearing that gown can't pull it off to save her life, that doesn't mean you can't.  And vice versa! The truth is we are all different, we have different body shapes and sizes, different faces, hair and skin tones.  So why would we ever think that the model wearing a gown is a true vision of what we would look like wearing that same gown?  I'm not saying try EVERY gown on.  I'm saying try one or two of each skirt and bodice style until you can decide what looks best on you.  Once you have zeroed in on the right skirt and bodice, finding the gown of your dreams should be easy.

Don't give up and don't settle

So you tried on 10-20 gowns and nothing is slapping you in the face, that doesn't mean you aren't going to find one that does!  I'm not saying try on 100 in a day till you find it.  Because if it takes you more than 10 you should probably take a break, re-evaluate what you are looking for and come back another day.  Take some time to sleep on it, and look at the pictures (always take pictures).  Which leads me to my next tip.


And if you are in a place that tells you that you aren't allowed, tell them you'll take your $$$$ and go somewhere else.  Because lets face it ladies, at the end of your wedding day all that's left are some hazy memories and your photo album.

Do your research & know your skirts, bodices, and materials

Ball Gown. A-line. Pick-up. Sheath. Trumpet. Mermaid. Empire. Corset. Sweetheart. Halter. Sleeved. Straps. Satin. Charmuese. Taffeta. Tulle. Chiffon. Lace.

Know what you don't like

If the sight of lace makes you want to vomit, you should probably tell your consultant you'd like to avoid it.  If you hate the sight of sparkly things, you should also avoid that. I know this seems contradictory to my first tip, but we are creatures of habit and if your whole life you've never liked the sight of a pick-up skirt, that probably wont change in a fitting.  Let your consultant know if there is something you really despise, she might still have you try on one gown that contains it but only to be 100% sure.

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