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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Components of a Wedding: Planning

When it comes to Weddings, there can seem to be an infinite to-do list.  This will be the first of a series of blog posts regarding the different components of a wedding and how a Wedding Day Assistant can help you with your ever growing to-do list.

Components of a Wedding: Planning

He is down on one knee, ring in hand and you have just decided to say "YES!"  Making this one decision, you have triggered a whole chain of questions.  When will the wedding happen? Where will it happen? What time? Inside or outside? Where will the reception be? Who will be in the wedding? Big wedding party or small? Close friends and family or invite the whole state? Local wedding? Destination wedding? Time of day? What will your dress look like?

Whew.  Who knew this could be so challenging?

Perhaps you  need to be rescued BEFORE your wedding day.  Cash in your Wedding Day Assistant early!

Maybe you want an assistant to help you pick out your wedding gown because you know your friends and family will be too pushy or not honesty.

Maybe you want an assistant to help you get save the date or wedding invitations in the mail because you simply cant get together 8 solid hours to work on it.

Maybe you want an assistant to call all 8 of the potential venues you have found to get more info and see if they are available.

Is there a daunting task hanging over your head that you just cant bring up the courage to tackle on your own?

Let Jen rescue you!

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