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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Components of a Wedding: Undergarments for your Gown

Finding your Wedding Gown could arguably be the most important task for a Bride to accomplish.  Going into this task a Bride has no idea what to expect.  I've been doing some Wedding Gown consulting for a few months now, and I think these tips will help in your hunt for the perfect Gown (and accessories).

Before getting into any Gown, a Bride should wear a longline bra and a slip.  Here is why:

The Bra

Beyond the fact that a longline bra holds everything together and prevents bulges or rolls showing up on your Wedding Day (reason #1 a longline bra is important), there is another reason this kind of bra is a necessity.  A longline bra creates a foundation for a Wedding Gown (reason #3 a longline bra is important) and holds the dress up.  When you pair a longline bra with a properly altered Gown, it eliminates the "boob adjustment dance" so many women in a strapless anything do (reason #3 a longline bra is important).

The Slip (whatever poof you prefer)

Most Brides despise the idea of wearing a slip under their dress.  I've heard all the excuses you can think of. But the benefits from wearing the slip on your Wedding Day outweigh all of the whining.  Just like the longline bra (a good) slip will have some control to prevent the bulging and the rolls from showing up in photos (reason #1).  A slip gives the gown volume, if you so chose to have a poofy dress (reason #2).  A slip prevents the dress from becoming static city on your legs, butt and anything else you don't want it to cling to (like other people) (reason #3).  But the most important reason to wear a slip is because when you walk down the aisle, your dress creates a vacuum.  So you take a step forward and every inch of your dress gets sucked in and you can perfectly see the outline of your legs as you walk down the aisle.  But if you are wearing a slip, this will be prevented (reason #4).  I understand slips add extra layers and that they make your body temperature rise.  But wear it anyways, even if its just for the ceremony and pictures, it will be well worth it!

Every Bride should start with these basics when trying on Wedding Gowns.  The layers can always be removed if you end up in a backless Gown or a sheath skirt Gown.  Trust me, the Gown will look much better if you are wearing the proper undergarments.  And if you truly truly can't stand the though of wearing the undergarments try the dress on without it BEFORE you purchase it, you'll notice the difference!

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