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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Components of a Wedding: Flowers in Season

You can save a ton of money (and a headache) if you are aware of the flower seasons.  Here is a guide to which flowers are in which seasons.

Anemone - Blue, Red, Pink, White
Bells of Ireland - Green
Boronia - Pink
Casablanca Lily - White
Daffodil - Yellow
Delphinium - White, Blue
Hyacinth - Purple, Pink or White
Lilacs - Violet or White
Narcissus - White
Ranunculus - White, Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow
Peony - Pink or White
Star Gazer Lily - Pink and White
Sweetpea - White, Pink Red/coral, Lavender
Tulip - White, Pink, Yellow, Red and Purple
Waxflower - Pinkey Purple and White

Alstromeria - Orange, Pink, Yellow, Cream and other colors
Bells of Ireland - Green
Chrysanthemum - White, Yellow, Orange, Pink and other colors
English lavender - Purple
Forget-me-not - Blue
Freesia - White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple
Gerbera Daisy - Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, White
Hydrangea - White, Blue, Purple, Pink
Iris - Purple, Blue, White
Larkspur - White, Purple, Blue, Pink
Liatris - Pinkish Purple
Lily, asiatic - White, Pink, Yellow, Orange
Lily, oriental - White, Pink
Lisianthus - Purple, White, Pink
Matsumoto Asters - Pink, Purple
Monte Casino Asters - White, Purple
Queen Anne's Lace - White
Snapdragons - Pink, Yellow, Orange, White and other colors
Solidaster - Yellow
Statice - Purple
Stephanotis - White
Stock - White, other colors
Sunflower - Yellow
Tuberose - White
Yarrow - White, Pink, Yellow
Zinnia - Red, Orange, Pink

Anemone - Blue, Red, Pink, White
Aster - White, Pink
Chrysanthemum - White, Yellow, Orange, Pink and other colors
Dahlia - Many Colors
Marigold - Yellow, Orange, Red
Statice - Purple
Zinnia - Red, Orange, Pink
Dried Leaves

Amaryllis - Red, White
Anemone - Blue, Red, Pink, White
Bells of Ireland - Green
Camellias - White, Pink
Casablanca Lily - White
Cosmos - Pink, White, Brown and other colors
Daffodil - Yellow
Holly - Green with Red Berries
Jasmine - White
Narcissus - White
Poinsettia - Red, White

Ranunculus - White, Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow

Star Gazer Lily - Pink and White
Star of Bethlehem - White
Sweetpea - White, Pink Red/coral, Lavender
Tulip - White, Pink, Yellow, Red and Purple
Waxflower - Pinkey Purple and White

Year Round Flowers
Baby's Breath - White
Bachelor's Button - White, Pink, Red, Blue
Calla Lily - White, many colors
Carnations - Many Colors
Delphinium - Blue, White, Purple
Eucalyptus - Blue, Silver
Gardenia - White
Gladiolus - Many Colors
Heather - Pink
Lily of the Valley - White and Pink
Orchid - Pink, White, Purple, Other Colors
Protea - Pink
Rose - Many colors (February at a premium)
Scabiosa - Purple, White

For more direction, click the link http://www.blissweddings.com/weddingfloral/ and you can enter colors, seasons regions or dress hues.

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