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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Components of a Wedding: Bouquet Types

Did you know there are four common styles to wedding bouquets?

 Cascade - Also known as fountain, shower or waterfall bouquets, cascade bouquets are rounded at the top with a stream of flowers flowing over the bride's hand for a cascading effect. Just about any type of flower can be used with this style, though large-petaled blooms like roses, calla lilies, lisianthus and orchids are very popular because they give the impression of abundance and drape more naturally. The cascade bouquet is one of the most formal and traditional types of bouquets.

Nosegay - Nosegays consist of small, rounded, sparsely packed flowers. These bouquets frequently incorporate more green than other arrangements because they emphasize the flowers' petals and stems. You'll see a lot of irises, tulips, lilies and roses in nosegays. Ribbons can be used to trim these bouquets or to wrap around their stems. Nosegays can go casual or formal.

Arm sheaf - An arm sheaf or presentation bouquet is made with long-stemmed flowers that the bride cradles alongside her inner arm. Orchids, long-stemmed roses, gladiolus, delphiniums and calla lilies are often used in these bouquets, which, despite the fact they've been around for more than a century, are still considered perfect for chic and modern ceremonies.

Wrist corsages - flower bracelets consist of small groupings of flowers, usually orchids or roses, and are attached to an elastic wristband. These bouquets are perfect for brides who'd rather not be encumbered with a bouquet they have to hold. Flower bracelets are stylish in the warm spring and summer months and look great when paired with casual, short-hemmed gowns.

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